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25 Nutrition & Health Content Topics for April 2020

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

A few months ago I did a casual survey on a dietitian Facebook group. I asked the question - what is one of the biggest challenges that you face in running your online business. The options I provided were: 

  1. Continuing to produce consistent quality content through social media, blog posts, etc. 

  2. Developing a website (and knowing how to manage it/make changes to it) 

  3. Making high quality video content 

  4. Managing the financial and operations side of running a business

Interestingly, a resounding number of respondents felt like their biggest challenge was #1 - continuing to produce consistent quality content through social media, blog posts, etc. 

I think this is something that we ALL encounter. Consistent, high quality content is incredibly important to engage and attract your ideal client, BUT, when it comes to generating ideas for what to write or post about on social media, the writers block hits.

So, in the hopes of easing your writers block I will be coming up with a monthly breakdown of topics that you can write about each month. By no means is this list extensive! See something missing? Let me know and I will be sure to add it in! 

What's included in this FREE download?

- Food & health "days" or holidays happening in April

- A list of trending topics from Google search trends and other credible sources

- Content ideas to spark inspiration (and joy!)


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